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RUN AWAAAY [04 Oct 2007|03:54am]
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Not Dead. [25 Sep 2007|05:46pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hey everyone!
I dissapeared from Rochester...quite literally.
I am now happily paying a lot of money to be one amongst many in a sea of University of Toronto students.

I miss Rochester gaming, I miss some people, and I really, really, really miss good Chinese food (lo mein, egg rolls, etc, are similar but not quite the same here.). Though, I can at the very least get really good chicken balls, considering the fact that Chinatown is like...10 steps out my door.

Toronto is swanky.
I'm not dead.
But there can't be much more to this update because I have to run to Robarts Library right now (which, was oddly built to look like a peacock) and make them give me Richard the III.

If you want to get in touch with me
oneneonday@gmail.com is your best bet.

Love to some, well wishings to the rest.

keep it copacetic

So. [07 May 2007|03:54pm]
In 4 months I say GOODBYE Rochester.
I was accepted to the University of Toronto.

Now I just need a JOB to occupy me in that time.
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[04 Apr 2007|01:02pm]
holy crap so busy
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[22 Feb 2007|04:34pm]
...i remember a few years ago how riled i used to get
the "fuck you this is ME i'm a strong proud BITCH blah blah blah"
kind of entries.

...and now, it takes a serious momentous occasion to ruffle my feathers.
it's kind of awesome.

though now i find myself thinking poorly of people who react with that sort of dramatic flair fervor.

at least i like myself better these days.
just gotta work on the insta judging.
that's not so good.
keep it copacetic

[05 Apr 2006|05:05am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Today I turn 19!
Other than that? Not much to report.

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[06 Mar 2006|11:33am]

want said clock.
tim gunn wins at life.
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project runway [02 Feb 2006|07:00pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

They send Andre home, but keep Santino?
Evil, scary beard man with UGLY UGLY CLOTHES?!?!?

Also stupid judges, Chloe's dress was *gorgeous* and and, so WHAT if there were no flowers? At least it didn't look like BRA STRAPS were holding it up.

stupid Heidi Klum.

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XD [22 Nov 2005|10:18am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

how did i survive before i discovered happy hardcore 'n gabber?
soooooo good.
music that makes you wanna SHIMMMY baby!

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[31 Jul 2005|06:02am]
where did i go?
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... [10 Feb 2005|10:35pm]
printernazi: i think you realize now, that me being goth is in fact saving us our sanity as well as the world, right?

that is all.
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>>F.Y.I. [07 Dec 2004|09:52am]
[ mood | creative ]

Oh yes, the ever infamous "friends only" journal. Please do not comment to be added unless I actually talk to you on a semi-regular basis. Otherwise, you are not a friend - and adding you would simply defeat the principle of a friends only journal.
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